Saturday, August 5, 2023

more wining and dining

 so we continue our summer with more dining out and some cooking at home- I had lots of leftovers to make into something so I tried a soba noodle dish mostly made up by me- after reading a bunch of recipes and not finding exactly what I wanted.... it was a tad too salty for my taste maybe less soy inthe sauce next time... 

the two of us made a return trip to Galit- which I liked much better than Phil but the food was great- just not to his taste....

and the fingerprints looked much better this time so we expressed mailed them off !!!

coming up this week - plans with Lee & Nick - plans with Mike & Leslie and plans for a girls lunch with Beth.... so between the regular stuff and social plans we won't get too bored.....Phil continues a pace with his spanish... while I still haven't gotten my Spain photo book finished LOL - ah life of the retired american LOL

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