Thursday, November 23, 2023

we exit SRQ

Last night we had our final dinner in SRQ with friends Gene & Mary Ann at Meliora. The night before we dined at Brine with Dave & Lisa. Tonight we will be having the first of outr Miami meals with Larry. We chose Drunken Dragon of course- our long time favorite Korean fusion place on Alton Road.

First, photos from Brine - where we ate the oysters before the photo- in this case the camera did NOT eat first. :-(

Then Meliora the next night-Thanksgiving Eve...

The Miami meals will follow in their own posts but I will add that the trip down went smoothly and we stopped with our Thanksgiving Jimmy John's sandwiches (that we bought the day before) to dine at a rest area along Alligator Alley. We dropped off the rental car an hour early and hopped in a cab to Miami Beach.  And we settled in on Thanksgiving - the hotel seems weirdly empty - we usually stay here at Christmas so this is a first for us.  Maybe it will be much busier tomorrow.... who knows?

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