Friday, January 19, 2024

More family- it's almost a reunion!

 So on Sunday morning, Lee and Nick and Larry did a tour of the Alcazar.  They returned just as Megan and Christian arrived at the door.  We all sat and talked after the appropriate introductions were made.  Then we headed out for Sunday lunch on a beautiful blue sky day that hit 70* for our outside meal in the Plaza Magdalene.

after lunch we went to the rooftop sky bar-

Then in the evening- after more a bit more drinking and talking - we (all seven) headed to Manolo Mayo (new to us and very good)

The next morning Nick and Christian left for work in London and Madrid.... The rest of us- stayed in Sevilla and had lunch LOL- at Terraviva on Plaza Nueva...

Later that night Megan had to leave on the last train to Madrid - so we all went to Dos de Mayo for tapas at a real local tapas bar-  Megan got a chance to have a drink and one bite before she left.  Lee and Larry and Phil and I continued ordering and went home happy.  Lee leaves at noon tomorrow. He's headed to Malaga. Larry will stay until next Sunday (we are headed to Cordoba later in the week.)

after tapas we walked to heladeria Bolas for gelato- and we sat in the nearby plaza under the orange tees to eat our treats. 

The next day Lee was off to Malaga and Phil had spanish class - and we both had Leslie (trainer sessions) so we had a picnic lunch and then dinner at the diner around the corner. 

at the diner- 

Phil joined us after class- 

the following night we had sushi at our favorite place - 

all very YUM!

then it was off to Cordoba on the train- more to follow on the food and the trip and the sights!

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