Sunday, March 10, 2024

A visit from friends

So we had a few quiet days after Jeff and his fmaily left, but by Friday we were back in a whirlwind of activity. We signed the lease on our new place and began a hectic weekend of moving things from the holiday rental to the Bilbao apartment. We wanted to get as much done as we could, because our friends Claus and Evi were coming for Monday through Thursday (our final day at the holiday rental.) 

Meanwhile we were back and forth between the two places and running on "fumes" from any gas tank we might have once had full. It was relief on Friday (a week after lease signing) that we actually woke up in our new place. We still have a lot to do here, as we are starting from scratch but for the basics that the landlord bought for us (couch, and two chairs, a dining room set with six chairs, and two beds for the guest room and a bed for our room.)  I have to remind myself that we have only been here for four and a half days and we have a few pots and pans; bedding for our bed; plates and glasses; some cleaning supplies; and of course a bit of wine LOL.

I built two small table for bedside in our room yesterday and am quite happy as they fit a very tight space quite well. We have desks ordered and continue to attack a list of minimal items to furnish a home.  But we will get there - 

Backtracking, we went to Placido Y Grata, Justa Rufina and Lopez Lobo with Claus and Evi and you certainly don't need any more photos from these restaurants but we are trying to check out a few new ones as well. We went back to Brunilda which is now very close. But mostly I have been finding new routes in our new streets. 

our new hood- Plaza Nueva,  zeroing in on our building- 

the basic furnishing provided by our landlord-  plus beds and a dining set...

many fine sights in our new neighborhood- 

the view from our bedroom window-

While Claus & Evi were here - we went to the usual spots and so I haven't included any photos of the meals. They left on Thursday morning ten days ago now and we moved on Thursday afternoon. We have been shopping and getting settled in since then. In the next post I will go over some of the new places we have tried in the neighborhood and some photos of the area around our new home. 

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