Friday, March 29, 2024

more Valencia

The market was a bg draw to us - after our visit last year I looked for a rental nearby for the tie we would be in Valencia. It has turned out to be a good news bad news thing.  The place is swarming with tourists making it nearly impossible to just get a coffee and relax. But on the other hand it is centrally located and we are within walking distance of much of the city center. 

Here are 2 photo I took the other night on the way to dinner of the market at night...

and we passed a tattoo parlor with some great ads- 

Then we headed to a terrific marisqueria that we had gone to last year and loved- and we loved it again. 

and then- the next night we went to Llisa Negra - a Quique Dacosta (famous chef from the area) restaurant. It was fabulous- we had the tasting menu and loved it all but especially the caramelized ensaladilla rusa. 

The dish of the night below- 

and then weather finally warmed up and we got blue skies so I took a photo from the living room balcony of the street up to the market (the white building on the left with the three peaked roofs - two visible in the photo)

After I spent an hour at the banco Santander nearby, we shopped at the market and bought all kinds of goodies - strawberries so fragrant that we couldn't walk by them and ate them all in less than eight hours LOL Valencian oranges (unlike our Sevillano ones which are bitter and inedible, these are eating orange- big and juicy) Breads and Charcuterie and a couple of bocadillos for lunch. Some smoked salmon for Easter Sunday breakfast. Then because we had a larger mid day feast we went for pizza for dinner nearby.

one spicy sausage with mushrooms and onions and the other (above) with truffle paste... both were quite good. 

Phil tried the carpaccio starter and I had the veggie lasagna slice as a starter....

an excellent local wine (monastrell) 

Tonight - good Friday- we are scheduled for sushi... with a Brazilian twist. So we will see how that is. Next week we are headed to Madrid to visit Megan, Christian and Oscar. So more to follow.

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