Tuesday, March 26, 2024

rainy day

So we are now completely unpacked in our new place - and starting tot find our way around.  We found the chinese store (Suerte which means lucky) to buy soap dishes and a wastebasket and some plastic cups for the bathrooms. Today we went back for some extra hangers 2 for a Euro... big spenders! Unlike our Monsalves VRBO which was overrun with dishes, this place has the minimum four dishes - two small bowls and two larger bowls - three ramekins and no more than two matching glasses in three sizes.... and a partridge in a pear tree!

Otherwise we are just hanging out - the weather is chilly and a sahara dust storm has covered nearly all of Spain and completely covered Portugal. So we have "cloudy" skies and chilly temps as the warmth of the sun is being blocked. It is supposed to move on soon.  

Last night we went to a basque place around the corner - it was raining and we didn't want to be drenched by arrival time at the restaurant.  It was not fabulous but had some worthy moments- 

We are in planning stages for a trip to Madrid to visit cousins Megan, Christian, & Oscar - where we have a day trip booked to Segovia for a special pig lunch! Then shortly after we return, Angela & Lee will be visiting for a few days. And then it's back home to Sevilla.... post Semana Santa and post Feria de Abril. When we left for the month it seemed long but we haven't even been here a week and it seems pretty fast!

a photo of city hall at night.... on the way home one night after dinner- 

our dinner at El Infante - really tasty food - mediocre service - 

We have also reserved for tonight - at a marisqueira that we loved when we went last time. And we reserved for a lunch of true paella (a lunch dish) at the famed Casa Carmela. We pre ordered the special Paella Valenciana. We also have lined up a dinner at Llisa Negra a Quique Dacosta place that we did not get to last time (we chose Vuelve Carolina.) We also have a few other meals planned - including one later in April at a place on the outskirts of the city (that was recommended by Megan.) So more to follow- as usual... and maybe some tourist stuff...

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