Monday, March 25, 2024

a trip to Valencia

 We took the train to Valencia because it was a four and a half hour journey when a car would take close to seven without stopping except for one gas stop. It was also less stressful than getting on a plane and checking luggage which we would have to do...  I will attempt to insert a video of the train ride here....

We arrived - had a quick cab ride to the apartment street - Phil went up the street to retrieve the keys and we let ourselves into our new home for a month in Valencia.  It is not particularly homey but it is exactly what we need. 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, along with an open floor plan kitchen-living room- dining room combo.  We had made an 11 PM reservation for dinner because we knew we would be arriving late - so we went to dinner shortly after arrival and had a nice meal about three doors down the street.  

Then some photos of the area around the apartment- 

our first "meal" out- breakfast at Trencat the coffee sandwich shop around the corner- 

Then on to exploring some more and an overwhelming dinner of waaay tooo much seafood- 

Then on Sunday - when things were closed in many instances we walked around a bit more - had churros and chocolate with a couple of fartons and coffee at a really old place that is an institution here.

could not resist having my photo taken with Kong by the City Hall... LOL so more to follow....

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