Wednesday, March 20, 2024

We enjoy the warming weather

So the weather has been warming up and we have been spending time outdoors- eating outside for the first time this season. Also exploring new parts of the city little by little - we are not in a hurry because - we live here now. We are also getting ready to leave for a month in Valencia. New adventures around another city.

we have a new place to get coffee - having a couple of not so great experiences at our old coffee place- this one is newer and a tad less "atmospheric" but the outside is nicely situated under orange trees. While it is on a busy street, it is not nearly as busy as Alfonso 12. 

It is called Santagloria.

We ate in Plaza Alfalfa at La Escalona - dining outside on a beautiful evening- 

this night we were able to eat outside -

and another night we ate at La Cayetana- 

And on one day we went exploring. I knew I'd find my way here eventually.  The Cabildo is only accessed via "passages". I had been walking around it on and off for a week or so, I said to Phil at coffee: "there's a building I want to go see and we are close so I am going to find a way into the plaza in front of it." I had been coming from the north which is blocked by a section of the ancient city wall.  But today I found the three passages in and out (one by La Isla, one by Mito, and the third across from the Cathedral). 

So we are leaning into a routine of sorts just as we are about to leave town for a month- LOL Always an adventure ahead!

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