Wednesday, March 20, 2024

a couple more new places

We have been exploring the area south of (last spring's) school for new dining places. We have found two winners so far!  

At Petit Comite we liked the food very much. I had the salmorejo and albondigas and Phil had pato y foie gras and magret de pato (the server teased him about pato y pato but commented that is was "muy facile" to remember.) The place is in an old building that is still divided into many small rooms making dining there an intimate evening. A definite place to return. Two rounds of drinks and three courses each for under 90€.

First photos from the walk home. New streets.

and this place was outstanding- La Isla- A supremely great seafood restaurant tonight. Amazing place that I had noted last year when looking for a gelato place near lunch one day. We walked by and everyone's food looked so good that I made sure to put a star on my Google map so we would find it again. Terrific - and I mean first class - service and outstanding fresh seafood selections! We will definitely return. A tad more expensive than others but it showed in the level of service and the quality of the seafood. Also the waiter complimented me on my Spanish. LOL

I also got around to sending Jean some photos of the new place- since she was here so close to when we were about to move and asked for them- still very much in the early stages-  sparse but you can see the layout and space!

a lot to do to make the new place home but we will get there!

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