Thursday, April 18, 2024

City of Arts & Sciences and more

So we got to pretend we were scuba divers today. Although the City of Arts & Sciences seemed over-hyped overall, the Oceanografic was really waaay cool. Loved the jellyfish exhibits!

EWWWWW ketchup!

our end of day gelato and then some drinking in the plaza--- 

Then our last dinner on the Valencia visit of Angela & Lee- Regala de Dos which hd good food but not such fabulous service- 

Then on Tuesday, before we woke up on Tuesday the kids had gone to the airport and were home in a few hours!  Both couples living in Europe makes it much less of a haul for us to see each other.  We are in our last week here and so heading to a few favorites. Yesterday we had time to meet up with friends of our buddy Mike from Chicago who recently moved here and are buying a place in a small town in the Valencian Province. 

Then we went to dinner at a lovely Thai restaurant on the outer edges of the city center. It was good if not fully authentic but it was so beautiful and the service so friendly that it was a positive experience. 

a couple of photos from the walk to dinner- 

So that brings us to our last two nights in Valencia.  We have one more zoom with our trainer tomorrow and a dinner tomorrow night at our favorite- L'Odissea Marisqueria. Tonight we are trying a new place - Asturian - before we leave town.  It's called La Taska Sideria- Canovas. Will report back when we have been....

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