Thursday, April 18, 2024

Since we returned

Since we returned from Madrid we have been busy. Angela and Lee came to visit and we have been trying new restaurants and getting caught up with some orders for our new apartment. We have enjoyed some lovely outside afternoons. And also we have been to a few local sites- the Bioparc and City of Arts & Sciences. So this might take a few posts to catch up because we have been back ten days - with no posts!

On the night after our return, we had to rework our plans for dinner because we decided the place we had reserved did not seem like what we were looking for. A last minute change in our schedule put us at an Italian place for dinner. Good service from a friendly staff with decent but not exceptional food.  Best course was the burrata with jamon iberico.

the next day we went to the Bioparc (where Phil got to visit with his gorillas and chimps....) we went to the BIOPARC and you get 1000 animal photos only kidding. No more than 35.

That night we went to a place Megan recommended on the outskirts of the city called Tavella Pablo Chirivella. A terrific place for dinner on the outside of town - recommended by our cousin who had read great things about it. The menu was limited to things that were fresh today. It consisted of three shared starters and a shared main of either massive steak or giant fish and then a dessert each (from a choice of four). Simply prepared food with the highest quality ingredients. Exemplary service from a welcoming staff and chef stopped by to ensure we were happy. We were! Even with lengthy (for here) cab rides both ways and a slightly pricey wine, this place came in well under 135€ each.

On April 3rd we made a reservation for April 11 and found that despite our reservation - and not having been contacted at all before we went to the restaurant tonight at 8pm, they were not open. We checked Google and checked their signage. No where was a notice posted that they were not going to open tonight or any explanation to the customers. #badform. I gave them a one star review on Google.  We ended up finding a hole in the wall place for a last minute meal (which turned out to have some decent courses.) But really would have preferred to have been treated with respect and informed they were not going to honor our reservation.

So we went to Espurnes - which turned out to be a good choice- this small cozy place was well rated and nearby. Had first rate desserts! A fabulous mixed grilled mushrooms starter and a tasty tomato and shallots salad with tuna. The entrees were good but the aforementioned desserts won the day. Service started out kind of chilly but warmed up once we started into the meal.

Some things in life just defy explanation. Today we stopped at an outdoor cafe for drinks around 5:30 pm. We ordered cocktails and were served these gummies as a nibble. Every other table surrounding us got a dish of peanuts. So the question is: should we view this special treatment as a positive? They did not run out, as they kept serving others around us peanuts. Since we have somewhat of a language barrier (but so did most other customers as we were in the plaza by the market) we will likely never know.  Megan later commented: Did you order a cocktail? You're more likely to get those with a cocktail or "frou-frou drink" than with beer or wine at the kind of places have them in the mix as an aperitivo (which isn't all that common).

The next day Lee & Angela arrived so I will start another post!

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