Thursday, April 18, 2024

Lee & Angela visit

Angela & Lee arrived tonight and we were so wrapped up in catching up that the only things caught by the camera were our choices, the cava, and the paella. Oh well. There's always another meal.

The next day Phil and the kids went to the market and the Lonja de Seda. Then on to the Cathedral - where they saw the "Holy Grail" and the kids climbed the tower to get a view from the top.

We had a dinner at a place we had been to before and knew there were some veggie choices for Angela.

Our walk home from dinner- 

The next day the kids went to the beach and spent the day exploring Valencia (their first visit) - We went to dinner at Los Gomez (our fourth time in two years.)  A fun night out for paella and Aguas de Valencia. Started with many tasty appetizers (mostly vegetarian) and then two paellas (a veggie and a seafood.) Too stuffed for dessert but we managed to polish off most of these dishes!

and then the last day of their visit we went to the City or Arts & Sciences and came home in the late afternoon - had gelato and a much later dinner- at a place we hadn't been to until that night. But this will have a lot of photos so I will start another post...  

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