Sunday, October 24, 2010

a little more

my husband told me that no one wants to read about my cats - LOL- who cares? if I want to write about them then that is OK with me.  but here is something I thought to tell you- should I call you "dear reader" or is that just too precious? I think so- anyway

mostly what I am interested in is photography so I figured out how to link my photographs at Flicker and Shutterfly so I don't have to post everything all over the place.  All of the photos from about fifty countries - since 2002 are on Shutterfly - so I would start there..... but you can make your own decision.

last night we went to our friends' wedding - Zack & Becky got married and the relatives from Israel sent a video of good wishes for the occasion.  it reminded me to look at our pictures from the trip - which we just took last December.

here is one to whet your appetite- go to the photo links on the left hand side to see more if you want to really get a sense of what we saw. these are flat breads we baked ourselves at a moshav, located not too far from Haifa, that produced olive oil.

so I just learned to be sure the photo you want to use is OK because it seems like you can't change your mind along the way.  I had to delete the whole post and start over with cut and paste. 

anyway- one more thing- Zack & Becky's wedding was wonderful- warm, loving, fun and of course the bride was beautiful! and the groom handsome!

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