Tuesday, October 26, 2010

windy city - extremely windy city

today we are having record setting winds - it blew all the deck furniture over (not so good about the heater which is now tilted at an angle pretty much guaranteed to not work anymore-)

I went to vote today and no surprise found myself getting angry at the lack of viable candidates- choosing between fascists and Chicago political machine hacks doesn't make for either enlightened government or happy thinking voters. 

today at work someone told me something so stupid that they heard on the news I asked them why they would repeat something like that? Well of course- they heard it on the NEWS- like this was a credible source. jeez!

so what kind of photo do we need for today? Oh I have just the thing- a serenity inducing Buddha from Ayutthaya in Thailand

so maybe this Buddha will help us all find nirvana LOL

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