Friday, October 29, 2010

opera day

now that I have a semi-free life I have opted for matinee opera tickets instead of evening.  so today I took the train, met two very nice women also headed there when I was waiting at my train stop.  arrived in perfect time for the 2 PM show of Carmen.  I had heard this sung a few years back by Denyce Graves and of course loved her Carmen but today's cast were excellent as well including a Don Jose sung by an Asian opera singer I did not know named Lee.  one bad thing was that the last member of the box arrived late (at the third scene of act I) disturbing everyone else as she tripped to the front row of chairs and reeking of about a half bottle of heavy perfume and then five minutes after she arrived her cell phone rang- really hope she won't be returning on the same days I am going.

so a photo to give an opera kind of feel- something I took in Venice a few years back (four trips in ten years so I am not sure which one) and that I used for the invitation to my mom's 75th birthday party five years ago.

let's see if I can dig it up-

OK so it isn't too Carmen like - won't see too many gypsy girls rolling cigars in those outfits but hey- no photos at the opera so this will have to do- LOL

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