Thursday, November 25, 2010

arrival again

we worried about the airport strike from yesterday but today went mostly smoothly considering- we got bumped from our seats and ended up 20 rows behind our original but it was a short flight so NBD-

we took a cab driven by the lovely and entertaining Roberto to the Park Tower in Retiro and checked in. 

for lunch we walked to Al Carbon- for - you guessed it big meat again...LOL

afterward we went to the galleria to have ice cream.  it was better in Mendoza and the fabulous Blanco Y Nero.

Dinner tonight was in Recoleta at Fervor.  we had an exciting cab ride over to the place with a hair raising close call with a BMW who thought he had the built in right of way but a cabbie who refused to acknowledge it.

it is CBGB's 16th wedding anniversary today as well as Thanksgiving.  I did not get a chance to load photos today so let's see what is left from before.

this is an interesting one from yesterday's wineries.  in O'Fournier they had a number of paintings in the tasting room.  this one was an interesting impressionistic "painting" made of "Play-Doh"

and this is a view in the Achaval Ferrer vineyards from the day before.

tomorrow we plan another subte trip to Avenida de Mayo and Cafe Tortoni - so the saga continues

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