Sunday, November 21, 2010

san telmo market

today we ventured to the San Telmo market by Subte (subway)

we arrived shortly after 10:30 but it was already crowded.  I am not sure why.  it does have some fairly good street performers. 

and there is a small amount of original tourist art

but the place is filled with junk, and not much looks like it is being sold.

we were to meet CBGB at noon to decide how much longer to stay (or not) and we actually ran into them a bit earlier.  it was so hot in the sun we all decided to head to the Telmo Bar for drinks and some lunch.  and I was reminded of the last time we came here with Dick & Ali and the day was also very hot and we all had limited tolerance for the crowds.

no one seemed interested in spending more time there, so after lunch we came back to the hotel and took care of some laundry and arranged for transport to the airport tomorrow for our Mendoza flight.  it turns out the domestic terminal is no longer located conveniently to the city but is run out of EZE 45 minutes away.  this is truly a tragedy as the old domestic terminal was so close by. 

I went to the pool to go swimming but it is closed until the summer- LOL- it is 86* here (30* centigrade) and personally I call that summer. 

I ran into CBGB in the lobby and they were heading out to find some higher end shopping.  We have earlier dinner plans tonight because CBGB are headed to a tango show.  since we did this the last time we were here, we decided not to repeat the experience.  not that there's anything wrong with that....LOL

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