Saturday, November 27, 2010

winding down

of course it would happen.  we have been seriously over eating and over drinking for ten days LOL. so we are winding down and preparing for re-entry into our daily lives.  yesterday we took the subte C to Avenida de Mayo to visit the Cafe Tortoni a local landmark.

it has been here for more than a hundred years and has ATMOSPHERE- LOL.

here are some photos from the cafe

 Georgia dancing tango!

a street scene backdrop where they posed for a BA style cafe photo.

afterward we walked down to the area of Casa Rosada and took the original Subte line- A.  they still run very old cars on that line and here are some photos.

we had dinner again at Sorrento and while the food was still very good the service was not up to par.  however we did end the evening in a very special way singing songs with our cab driver on the way home - including Hotel California and I Just Called (to say I love you).  It got us all laughing and recognizing the serendipitous moments we had on the trip.

today will be extremely relaxed - breakfast and then later high tea and then to the airport for the journeys home.  wonderful trip had a really good time with a lot of memory making!

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