Tuesday, November 30, 2010

busy busy

busy- and getting ready for a series of social events-

champagne tasting on Thursday - concert on Saturday night - dinner with friends Sunday (after a Board Committee meeting- that pesky work - LOL) then next week is whirlwind

friend Jennifer in from Denver for opera Monday  - and an extra night to socialize Tuesday
Wednesday - theater tickets with friends John & Kathy (of course dinner first)
opera again on Friday

Saturday dinner party for Zack & Becky's wedding with friends of the newly-weds, Todd & Lesley, joining us as well
Sunday all day Board meetings and then I leave for a family visit to my home town of Cincinnati for a few days

sometimes I don't recall how I found time to work...LOL I am sure that is how everyone feels -

I need to do menu planning for the Zack & Becky celebration and also for New Year's Eve dinner with three friends from Europe.

the NYE dinner will be an American showcase- I figured I could go course by course identifying the state the dishes come from- if I get really creative I may be able to circle the country as I want to end with New Orleans Bread Pudding for dessert and start with lobster salad from Maine.  We will see how that pans out.

the Zack & Becky dinner will start with a request from the bride for Hawaiian Ahi Tuna Poke (I don't know how to make an accent mark to show it is Po-Kay)  from there I am a bit more hazy- will have to contemplate options later this week once my work week is finished.

here are a few photos of good eats-

from NOLA shrimp & grits

from Portofino a recipe that will be under consideration - marinated shrimp

and of course there will be an assiette de fromage (forgive the spelling if incorrect)

anyway- am off to find out what might be around for dinner!

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