Monday, November 29, 2010

year end

and time for holiday cards- the first one came today and it isn't even December!

so I got busy and drafted the holiday missive.  I generally like to focus on travel but this year we were pretty much state-side with my sister being ill.  I found it difficult write about her death - the sadness seemed to overwhelm the good times we had this year. 

I left out a lot of things - but of course the nature of an annual letter means a lot of stuff get passed by. 

then I made two cards for us to send- I like a choice - one of the Paris trip and one of the Argentina trip.

soon we will have cards to mail and a busy social schedule and the days will pass by but right now I am overwhelmed by the loss of my sister- activity keeps the ghosts at bay but you can be slammed upside your head with grief if you even let a little crack open. 

I know time heals - my dad died in 2001 - and my loss seems more manageable- but right now my loss of Janna is like a wound that bleeds with the slightest movement of memory.

the two of us- I am the older/taller sister-

and here we all are - the three of us kids-

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