Monday, November 29, 2010

home again

and quickly back into the swing of things.  sometimes it seems that the minute vacation is over it feels like you never had it in the first place.  luckily we have lots of photos to remember it by so it wasn't all a dream like in Total Recall- a super movie if you haven't seen it...

so just a few pictures that haven't made it yet into the blog and some captions to help remember days months or years later -

here are some photos of our tour of La Boca

a bum sleeping in pretty fancy digs  

 school kids on field trip - it was nearing the summer vacation

wall art from the quarter 

fake drinks to show what is on offer at the cafe

from the San Telmo area- a few mouth watering shots from a pasta shop

house made corkscrew pasta - foot long! 


from Recoleta a photo from a mausoleum - their limit for above ground coffins is two but the guide said some have put more in their above ground part - here the glass door gave proof to the rule following of one family

after the cemetery tour we had a fabulous lunch at an outdoor cafe and here were two of the starters

 caprese salad

tuna tartare with mango

and from our day in Colonia del Sacramento two photos from El Drugstore (an eatery in town across form the church)

diners enjoying the afternoon 

the "dining car" for special occasions

so now it is time to go back to work and move on from the vacation mentality-

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