Sunday, June 17, 2012

delightful - almost deserted - delos

Delos- birthplace of Apollo - is an uninhabited island of ruins from antiquity.  there is a single tree (palm) and a lot of stones...  and one house which is home to the French archeology team that is responsible for the UNESCO World Heritage site (the whole island)

there is a lovely little museum of some of the wonderful artifacts - and a snack place that served beer and smoothies.... that was it.... so here it is in photos:

the island gets little rain so the "flora" is of the scrubby - succulent type:

undoubtedly the most photographed statue on the island:

the french team's house:

treasures from the museum:

our little ship in the distance:

a resident cat- at the snack bar-

next up- an afternoon on Mykonos....

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