Sunday, June 17, 2012

on to Naxos

this island is bigger than Patmos and Amorgos - and probably than Santorini. it is a food producer, including local wines, cheeses and liquors.  so a lot of the photos are of local products but shortly after we arrived we took a walk around town and up to the "venetian castle" - the old fortified town on the hill top.

there were many lovely alleyways and cute places to eat in the old Jewish section- but we were not there at meal time. and- if I haven't mentioned it the chef on the ship was excellent and she kept us well sated for the entire journey- while on board we only ate one meal on our own off ship.

here are some pictures of our Naxos experience starting in old town Naxos:

a stop at a local market where we tasted cheese:

finally up to the fortified part of town:

have I mentioned the geraniums were absolutely incredible throughout the islands?

a view of the town from the ship's sundeck:

on one of our days in Naxos about 3/4 of the group went for a hike in the hills outside of the town:

here the leaders (bottom arrow) and the tail enders (top arrow) of the group are marked on the photo:

the ancient Koros statue everyone was headed for-

back in town for more tastings:

above- you can see Naxos in Greek letters on the can of cherries
below - the local liquor made from citrus fruits called Kitron (Citron)- it comes in several flavors:

then time for exploring:

don't forget the local ouzo! sold alongside the local wines and olive oils:

and if you needed a snack along the way there was always a place to stop with a view of the sea and free wi-fi!

the ancient temple portal that greets those entering into Naxos harbor- you can see the bottom of the water, it is so magnificently clear!

a place famous for calamari right at the dock - this was their restaurant sign:

we had an island dinner (not home hosted although it seemed to be a home hosted we were repeatedly told it was NOT...LOL)

above - the appetizers- all home grown or home made
below - the frig at the hostess' kitchen (the same all over the world!)

leaving town at dusk after our dinner:

and later- dancing on the boat- first the pros and then (after we left) there were apparently a couple of group members who cut the rug (so to speak) with the locals...

next on to Delos and Mykonos.... a busy day coming up.

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