Monday, June 18, 2012

on to delphi

so off we headed into the countryside- up into the alpine like ski village of Arachova where we will stay for two nights as a base to explore Delphi (that would be home of the famous oracle) - turns out the famous "drug induced" oracle...LOL

the village is as cute as it can be and the ruins on the hillside are very impressive- and- unlike other places where I have visited before - have actually been improved since my last visit in 2005.  better walkways throughout the site help to make it more accessible than before.

the museum - still exquisite in the amazing collection of artifacts remains quite incredible. 

so on with our photo journey!

approaching Arachova-

the best view in town - although somewhat rustic for a taverna - LOL

next morning - on to the UNESCO site:

the whole hillside is dotted with ruins of temples- this was a HUGE place in ancient Greece and Rome.... both physically and in importance...a spiritual center (the navel of the known world as they say...)

the museum has amazing statuary along with lots of relics-

afterward we go to Itea for lunch by the Ionia sea- the "sea of olives" is seen from the bus on the way-

the taverna is right by the water and we are not the only ones who enjoy the seaside location:

later we go into Arachova and stop at the shop for some cheese tasting- LOL - you can tell from the list - it serves locals- not tourists...LOL


above- sausages and below smoked cheese hang in the shop's doorway:

above - a shop with wood items and below a detail of some of the items crafted and for sale...

the very clean place we had gyros pita for dinner- among the best meals we had on the trip- I LOVE pork gyros and of course we don't have anything but lamb in Chicago (boo hoo)

I spied this from the bus on the way in yesterday- how cute is that? umbrella's and lights under red hats (don't tell those old bats that go out for lunch in them because then this WILL be overrun with tourists - LOL)

this guy could be selling stuff near a reservation in the western US- LOL- fur hats, rugs the whole regular trading post paraphernalia...

the next morning we left town and headed towards Meteora - but first a stop in the village of Delphi where we lucked into the city hall being open unexpectedly- here they have a wonderful exhibit of traditional wedding clothes and jewelery.  this is a cool thing for the others as although we saw much the same at the Benaki Museum in Athens last time Phil and I visited - they will not have time in Athens to stop there.

some souvenirs in the village-

and the memorial to the fallen at Thermopylae:

next and last- Meteora- a breathtaking area of inland Greece- with those monasteries on cliff tops that we all have seen in photos throughout our lives!

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