Saturday, August 31, 2013

blue skies blue water

We left the hotel at the entrance to Ft. drum relatively early...lots to see and do today- we hoped to make the full loop back into ADK from the north and stay in Malone NY this night but had some other choices along the way if that didn't pan out. 

Our first stop was breakfast as the hotel (being a self catering extended stay) wasn't serving... so we found our hole in the wall diner in Brownville NY at A&T Diner.  The A and T were April and Tina who both were on duty that morning and were clearly sisters. 

On we went heading toward the coast - by the way in a very small digression- Sackett's Harbor where we stopped for dinner the night before was a really cute little town not too touristy but upscale a bit with several nice restaurants located on the water- would return there if we had more time- as apparently we missed a museum of the seaway byway....

but onward to the water- we were headed to the lighthouse at the end of Lake Ontario on the US side just as it goes into the St. Lawrence River - you could actually see Canada from the point (unlike Sarah Palin seeing Russia from her bathroom window...LOL) - the day was gorgeous and the sky that infinite blue color that seems almost fake when you see photographs... but here are a few of them-

the water of Lake Ontario- seemed very clear -

We stayed there a while because it was so beautiful and peaceful and the drive out from the town of Cape Vincent had been lovely.  the good news was that we got to go back the same way as we headed toward our next stop - the Antique Boat Museum in ?- Ha! seems like it might be time for a map update- LOL

This is a particularly good map - we had come across the yellow line (Olympic byway) and out of the ADK Park yesterday and on this day we were headed along the darker green at the left and along the top of the map- the Seaway the map below I have marked our progress so far - as well as the Canadian border- you can see how close we were....

the lighthouse is the blue dot on the left side and the dotted line (highlighted by the red markings) is the US border! (at the bottom Brownville- home of A&T Diner)

So we headed north and east along the water- to Clayton - the location of the Museum- which we easily found and also found delightful.... with the largest houseboat (barge towed by a tug) on the lake/river (photos will follow) and many interesting canoe and "skiff" tales...


the St Lawrence skiff-

the canoe that went from Canada to the Amazon... and beyond-

many more canoes with stories were in this exhibit...

Various antique post cards from the 1,000 Islands area -

one segment of the museum was dedicated to motor boats-

and then the houseboat La Duchesse

then on to the canoe exhibit-

All in all - an excellent museum- worth the trip!  Next our plan was to head on to head on to Alexandria Bay but that was thwarted--- so stay tuned for the details in the next post....


  1. Um about the names for A&T diner in Brownville ny their names are,April and Tina not,Anna and Tina just putting it out there

  2. Thanks Kaitlynn- I think I took that off a photo but will now correct it- everyone should have the correct info! :-) TOR