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foto faves

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

ticonderoga or bust! - but first....

a stop at the Vermont Country Store...

we drove south out of Rutland for our side trip to the Vermont Country Store- honestly I should just make this whole post about the Vermont Country Store or better yet about time travel....because that is what happens when you go there- it is a portal of some sort like in this great flick of yesteryear where the dwarfs find holes in the map of the universe where you can move back and forth through time...

or the other EXCELLENT time travel movie-

so why do I mention this? because TB and I took a tour of our childhood years at the Vermont Country Store... step back into the past with us- where your grandma always had Chiclets in her "pocketbook" and your kid brother had a big wad of Fruit Stripe gum to gross you out....


and why aren't they labeled butlers and maids? LOL- oh sure I get it we are in the past!!!!!

OK the below shots are from someone else's past not mine- I never lived in a place where they had these but the cozy scene begged to be photographed!

sadly we leave behind the VT Country Store and return to the Lakes and Locks byway- via Whitehall the birthplace of the US Navy! (who knew?)

Whitehall lies at the very bottom of Lake Champlain where the canal to the Hudson River begins (or ends depending upon your direction) so we believed that we had followed the path of that canal up here along the Lakes to Locks byway--- but all will be revealed later to the confused city dwellers- LOL so stay tuned - we are about to head off to Fort Ticonderoga of childhood pencil fame!

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