Saturday, August 31, 2013

The Wild Center & Adirondack Museum

We headed south and back into the ADK Park from Malone toward Tupper Lake- see map... but first - breakfast at Jon's (LOL)

and so off we went-  to the Wild Center- in Tupper Lake... a lovely facility with a huge future ahead of it- lots of plans... LEED certified even the stop signs have bird houses on top of the posts...

OMG a Moose! right at the entrance to the W!LD Center!!!!

a waaay cute stuffed otter-

above- how cute is he???? cuter and more fun than the stuffed one- which was also pretty darn cute!
after a good amount of time at the exhibits we headed to the outdoors where they have laid out trails on the grounds- more to come-

We had dawdled at the Wild Center and so it was already after lunch time when we left- so along the way we found a place for - you guessed it- ice cream!

below- the cocoa mocha! fabulous lunch!

across the street Hoss's was also doing a pick up business for ice cream sales!

and in case you thought there was a dearth of things to do here in ADK Park - some advertised events from the front of Custard's may make you think twice!
but onward we headed to the ADK Museum!


ever onward we went- our destination for the evening we hoped to be Old Forge NY at the bottom of the Fulton Chain of Lakes but since there was a food place mentioned along the way - and it was already getting pretty darn late for lunch (like 5:30) we decided to go for an early dinner and head to the Big Moose Inn & Tavern:

We spied this church on the way out of town- along with the mysterious shoes hanging above on a telephone wire....

We totally luck into a great hotel- the Blue Spruce in Old Forge and like it so much we check in for two nights while we explore the area of the central Adirondacks-

and as we made a run to the gas station for gas - we saw this fabulous sunset just as it was happening!
so another day passed and more fabulous things seen and done... up tomorrow- LOL- what turned out to be one of our absolute favorite things- so come on back!

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