Tuesday, September 24, 2013

day four- we are still eating well!

again we start with lunch - this time at 15 east- a place we have visited before- where the sushi is pricey and perfect- fresh like you rarely get a "ordinary" sushi restaurants-

then it was on to the green market at Union Square- and a walk up Broadway-


the view from the triangle park area at Madison Square-

and our water tower sea in the different light- LOL

after a visit with adorable Alix and her parents we headed off to a nearby place for a meal - that turned out to be possibly the best of the trip-

it was date night and we enjoyed each other's company so much I have no food photos (gasp!) but it was tremendous- lovely candle lit room under an arched vaulted ceiling - waiters in the old school professional role of guides to the extensive menu and, oh my! the food was excellent-

I started with the linguine and then had cod and Phil started with pappardelle with meat sauce and then had a huge - perfectly prepared - grilled double veal chop. my dessert of cappuccino gelato was just to my taste and he had some chocolate thing with crispy tuilles to enhance the texture- we had a super Italian wine and went home via the subway as it was raining when we left the restaurant - and pouring by the time we got to 28th street from Chambers.... this is a definite "return to" place for us!


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