Tuesday, September 24, 2013

the last lunch

is frequently at the Grand Central Oyster Bar- kind of on the way out of town we usually haul luggage and leave for the airport from there- you can tell we were early from the open tables- before noon- but by the time we left it was full...

the main reason to go!

oh to have this much selection in Chicago anywhere- I LOVE oysters!

menu printed daily -

had the lobster rolls and clam chowder- but neither were showing as well as in the past so this may be a place that gets skipped in the future...
we headed to the airport amid horrible traffic as the UN just began their general assembly session this morning and Obama was in town- lots of routes blocked--- but we had plenty of time-
arrived early to ORD and had to wait for a gate and then had to wait in horrendous line for a cab - due to traffic outbound and lack of taxis in the queue--- got home and started laundry (the usual routine after travel) cats were only aloof for a hour or so- LOL then they forgave us.... and now we are all caught up----

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