Tuesday, September 24, 2013

day three- still enjoying the terrace

I know you will think that all we did on this trip was eat - and sit on the terrace drinking and you would be somewhat correct but we did walk each day at least one way to or form our meals and we got outside-

I have written before about the numerous times I and we have been to NYC even before the kids both lived there- so we really rarely do touristy things and we often just walk the city- I was struck as I took some of the photos contained in this post by how similar my subjects are here to those of when I am traveling- store windows and markets - interesting buildings or little things that catch my eye along the way-

I have long since stopped carrying a camera to NYC but that doesn't stop me from taking photos (thanks to smart phones) and so it is easy to share the experience of the city (really THE city- when it comes to the US) -

so this day we headed south to one of our very favorite spots- Gotham Bar & Grill for their lunch- they have a nice prix fixe there as well-

Phil ordered from the regular menu and started with the always fab tuna tartare-

I did the prix fixe and started with the gazpacho of heirloom tomatoes

Phil had the duck and I had a second starter of the chopped salad- although it just looks like a jumble in the photo it was very good...

Phil's Clafoutis and my chocolate cake (intense flavor but light texture)

then on to some outside time on another glorious day-

our view of the water tower sea...

this evening- we entertain Maryanne and Jeremy stops by as well-  before our 8:45 reservation at Degustation!

the entire restaurant is a sushi bar style dining experience - maybe seats 16 people max- we met Jeremy's friend Jenna at the restaurant and waited a brief time and took our places- before the incredible dining experience began- a truly worthy meal- small plates but amazing flavors packed into small packages!

ooops- I lied about the oyster at NoMad - that one had mignonette granite -  this was the one with the mignonette foam!

fluke crudo-



the char which they graciously substituted for me and Jeremy and Jenna instead of the lamb-

the lamb-

cheese course-

palate cleanser of pop rocks (yes you read it correctly) and a berry-

the amazing dessert of French toast brulee (I will come back for this a thousand times- oh yum yum yum!) oh and the best thing- it was served with smoked maple syrup - kind of a bacon-y sort of flavor- OMG!

you can't see so much in this photo but the three chefs prepared everything right in front of us- the grill chef was at our end of the "bar" and the sous chef was just down a bit and the guy who worked the fresh stuff beyond him-  they worked with an incredible focus and it was like a ballet to see them prepare the meal for us... really great dinner!

so back "home" tomorrow is another day- good weather predicted and good food continues....

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