Thursday, September 26, 2013

my dinner with Andre (only kidding)

this was actually a dinner with friends at the Chris Nugent hot spot Goosefoot.  We were warmly welcomed by Nina Nugent and began the evening with champagne as we started off on our gourmet food odyssey-

the menu-

the champagne- a Vilmart Grand Cellier

the golden beet amuse

the scallop course-

the shrimp, custard. dried garlic- incredibly tasty concoction course- LOL

we went to white along with the champagne for these earlier courses - a 2005 Kistler McCrae Vineyard

the best soup in the country- hot and hearty and full of flavor-

the salmon course-

we moved into the red- a 96 Chambolle-Musigny for the "meat" courses-

excellent duck (a new addition to the menu)- and while it was fantastic I missed the egg dish- if I were choosing my courses given how familiar we are with Chris' food- I would skip the salmon (as I have said before to my palate the esplette overpowers even hearty salmon) and have the egg - then the duck - then the beef...

the now missing egg course with asparagus- from our anniversary dinner in June-

the delicious beef course-

the incredibly beautiful cheese course-

the first dessert (fruit centric)

the chocolate dessert- always amazing- so satisfying as an end to an extraordinary meal!

and a single bite to finish off- a cape gooseberry dipped in chocolate with nuts

a lovely evening that ended (as is the way with our evenings here) quite late... we headed home and today our out of town friends arrive for the weekend... no slowing down here at our house!

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