Friday, January 24, 2014

Jim & John's wedding trip continues

so I had a prior post on Jim and John's wedding trip- and it was a good one- but now more and more photos have come in and they are worth sharing because the trip is obviously a super great trip and even more so that it is their wedding trip after all those years together (and I might add some harping by some of their friends and acquaintances who asked "what are you waiting for?" LOL)

so yea! what a wonderful way to celebrate the occasion!

and just because I have this exact same temple in my own photos (which as I mentioned are still my favorite of all the places I have been and photographed) 

I am also adding a link to my own Myanmar album in case you might want to visit and see my photos too-

I laughed when I saw this photo because this old woman looks very much like the old woman who insisted Phil smoke a cornhusk cigar with her when we were in Myanmar--some things do stay the same I guess! 

and here is Phil's smoking buddy- 

I would title the above photo "beauty queens worldwide have beauty queen attitudes - LOL"  actually even the little one before her kind of has - what we call around here -  "a MAD on"...LOL

anyway- so good to see they are having such a fabulous trip- Myanmar has been for nearly 10 years my number one country that I have visited- (Phil's is Bhutan) - I LOVED the trip we took there in days (2005) when there were no big travel company groups going there- and visas were limited- same for Bhutan when we went in 2007. Developments in Myanmar have been positive politically (all things relative) but once the isolationist government opens up to big tourism numbers with very large companies like OAT and GCT and others- I wonder how long will the locals keep their culture....time will tell... as I have always and repeatedly said "GO NOW" because just as there are species disappearing from our planet every year- the same is true for indigenous cultures.

and yes- I will get back to the posts about Zhujiajiao (say THAT three times fast- LOL)

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