Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Our exploration continues

so after lunch we headed on to the Jewish Refugee Museum for a visit.

from there is a perfect segue- we headed toward the Bund where we visited the first big hotel built there - by the Sassoon family (many of the buildings of the era were financed or built by Jews)- the afternoon is getting overcast so the views of Pudong are not as good as we will get tomorrow night (so there is a teaser for a later post!) 

the lions outside the original HSBC bank building and the ceiling in the lobby - captured before the guard told me "NO PHOTOS!" - LOL- it's a ceiling! not a vault...

so off to the hotel for a drink at the Long Bar before we leave for the acrobatic show (which turned out to be incredibly cheesy- ala Vaudeville) later we had a late dinner at the french place in the hotel- the lesser of the hotel meals- 

the last act was the very stinky but quite incredible 8 motorcycles in a sphere zooming around each other with no crashing!!! 

then we grabbed a ate dinner at the french-ish place in the hotel- 

next up- a day out in the country in canal town called "ju-jaw-JOW!" and spelled Zhujiajiao.  Here is a little blurb to spark your interest- Zhujiajiao Ancient Town is a nice destination to escape the noisy modern city. It is only 48 kilometers from Shanghai urban area, covering an area of 1.3 square kilometers. The most famous attractions are Cimen Temple (慈门寺) and Zhuxi Garden (珠溪园).  Like the picture, the graceful ancient town is well-decorated with water ways, 36 ancient bridges, traditional Chinese-style residences, and a natural lake — Dianshan Lake

more on that in another post - of course!

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