Friday, January 24, 2014

forks and corks begins

tonight kicked off the Forks and Corks weekend from the Sarasota Manatee Originals organization of locally owned restaurants.

CBGB are coming down for a wine dinner tomorrow night and the Grand Tasting at the Ringling Art Museum on Sunday- where there will be literally hundreds of wines shown at more than a hundred tables along the museum courtyard.  The tickets for the Grand Tasting sold out in EIGHT minutes - and mind you this is not some super restricted event - there were 1200 tickets!!!

so tonight we enjoyed a fabulous French Wine Dinner at Michael's on East (that guy is definitely the alpha male around these parts) - he runs a superb business model in a small enough town to be the kingpin....

our fabulous dinner is listed on the series of scans below- and the wines were all good to great- with my fave being the Cote de Nuits Villages and Phil's being the NSG both 2011- the 09 showed a bit less well to my mind but all were perfectly paired with the menu - which the chef developed FOR these wines---

so the company at our table of eight was fun and convivial and I forgot the photos of most courses- LOL
but I did get a few for illustrative purposes... so you will know the artistry of the whole event - from the table settings through the incredible meal.  This chef really knows how to make a reduction - oh! and he can use butter so that you will swear you have died and gone to heaven- LOL

more event await us and I have to get a good night's sleep so I can have the stamina for the next two days of events- so here is my rushed post of today's wine event-

more to follow- but my favorite course tonight was the dessert which was stupendous- Phil ate my lamb chops which were beautifully prepared but alas - were lamb.... so I passed... the appetizer that won the day were the pork belly sliders (YUM!!!)  will keep you all posted!

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