Sunday, January 26, 2014

Ju-Jaw-JOW!!! (Zhujiajiao)

So off we went to Zhujiajiao- an ancient water town - from this point I will not be spelling out the name - which is pronounced like phonetic spelling above- let's get right to the photos-

the day was overcast so many of the photos would have been better in the sun and with blue skies but when you travel from place to place you get what you get by way of weather- we were pleased there was no rain!

wonder if the person discarding their waste into the canal was just throwing out clean water? unlikely!

lots of Chinese tourists here but not too many farang (as the Thais say) -

 the canals are almost as crowded as Venice in season- LOL

we left town and returned to Shanghai to our hotel where we had a free lunch at the Chinese restaurant which was so good the other night so we decided to go for that- and it was excellent as well!

after lunch we headed to China Town - yes there is one in Shanghai- LOL- and you will see more of that in the next post!

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