Thursday, January 30, 2014

just in time

I finished my China blog posts just in time to start the "critic's corner" LOL- where I spend the time reviewing trips to the theater and concerts etc... well, actually I have already started that with the Haifa Symphony last week and the whole Forks & Corks weekend thing but we are scheduled for at least four more concerts and five plays before I return to Chicago - so there will be plenty to talk about...

but here is the start- last nigh we saw Vanya & Sonia & Masha and Spike at the Asolo - and roared... yes seriously - there were parts I thought I might lose it and others where I made an effort to tone down my response because I thought this play was waaay funnier than some of the audience did-

I have criticisms - but they are nit picky and few- the script could be tighter and shorter - a good editor will solve its issues.  It needs to be paced a bit more quickly for the full element of farce to play to perfection but hey- I got more than tow hours of laughs out of it so who is going to quibble. I thought the casting was just a tad off - Masha wasn't quite STAR enough and Spike wasn't quite handsome enough (despite having a smokin body) but overall - I would give it a positive review.

so next up is a concert on Saturday night in Tampa- for those of you who couldn't tell me frequently enough what a mistake I had made in not seeing the Carolina Chocolate Drops last year at City Winery- well you can stop harping on me about it, because I agreed to go see them this weekend with Phil....

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