Sunday, January 26, 2014

forks & corks weekend

so we continue our wine weekend at the Forks & Corks festival in Sarasota- with another dinner and the Grand Tasting-

CBGB came down for the night and following day for the two events- the dinner we picked for Saturday night was also at Michael's on East - because it was feature the wines of Catena from Mendoza - and this was a place we visited had visited together on a trip we took to Argentina-

so before we head to the dinner "Sherman set the way-back machine" and we will go to a couple of the earliest blog posts when the blog was brand new...

here are just a couple of photos from that trip- you can go look for the Catena ones in the "lost and found" post but I love this photo of CBGB trying out tango in BA!

CBGB posing for the holiday card photo on the Terrace at Catena!

but back to the present- the dinner was amazing again! and it was a completely new menu each night-

here is the menu from the Catena dinner and the wine list-

then a few photos of the food and room- LOL- at least this night I got more food photos but I still forgot one course- LOL that is what happens when you get into conversation with folks and you have lots of wine being poured and wait staff whisking food in front of you every few minutes - LOL sorry.... no not really but sorry you won't see everything...

they use these cool glass chargers so you can see the menu through them and anticipate the upcoming courses and wines-

my favorite protein course was the sea bass (the wagyu short rib was a close second)

some how I missed the duck breast- :-( but conversations ensued during the course of the evening - here Jim (from Glendale CA who came for the festival) and Chuck compare notes about some topic.....

a cheese course paired with the brilliant Nicholas Catena blend- the one that comes in the grey flannel suit as we all remembered from our tasting at Catena back when...

a dessert so sweet and fab you really couldn't finish it all but I did try...

and then on to the Sunday event - the Grand Tasting- which sold out its 1200 tickets in eight minutes!!!! I am not sure how we even got ours we are not usually right on stuff- LOL

I only scanned two of the more than TEN pages of the wines that were being poured- no way you could taste them all--

here is a map of the layout of the wine and fabulous food- all the Sarasota Manatee Originals were there- I think I mentioned they are a group of locally owned restaurants in the two county area- and MY was there a lot of good food!

some Thai chicken salad- presented so beautifully I stopped eating long enough to take a picture!

some excellent shrimp in another wonderful presentation- if I wasn't carrying a wine glass I probably would have photographed about every food station- they all did a wonderful job...

so up next for the four of us- Georgia and I head to Morocco for nine days in mid February and the guys are planning to do a wine dinner at Chuck's Vintner's Club while we gals are away... then mid March we have tickets for the Sting-Paul Simon concert in Orlando and then right before Phil heads back to Chicago in early April we four have tickets for the Wine Walk at Ringling- see last year's post

so more good food and fun coming up - then in May the four of us are headed to France for a gourmet barge trip - food and wine and cheese- oh MY!!!!

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