Thursday, January 30, 2014

oh and food....

some how in the last post I forgot to mention food- oh and wine, I forgot to mention did that happen?  so we had been talking about finding a good BBQ place around here for a while, and last week I looked up the yelp reviews and found a likely candidate- Hickory Hollow over in Ellenton... open until 8PM LOL- so it is pretty much a lunch place for us...

we went there today for lunch and here is what I have to post about it- first a photo is worth a thousand words they say, so here is our picture:

LOL - OK so it really is I forgot to take pictures but that is completely what our plates looked like when we were finished... this was the remains of a pork shank we shared as an appetizer..

here is the menu we pulled off the Internet -

and here are a few outside shots of the place:

and one inside - along with the menu of the sides offered- 

so let me say this- I ordered the baby back ribs and mac&cheese and coleslaw with the corn fritters and LOVED all of it- everything was to my taste exactly.  Phil ordered the pork BBQ and baked beans and double corn fritters... and all my stuff won the "best ordering" contest.... beans were a little vinegar tasting to me and the pork shank and ribs were better than the plain pork BBQ- but still the place was a real winner in our opinion... we will return for sure.

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