Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Casablanca's Hassan II

So off we go and our first touring stop is the Hassan II Mosque- the stunning and enormous mosque is now open to the public at very limited times so people can see the incredible craftsmanship of the interior... but first the exterior... I have tried to have some closer in and some further away shots but I don't think those that have people in the photos do justice to the size of the place-

before we go inside here is the info from the brochure:

next up in the photos - the inside of the mosque and the baths-

we exit on to the plaza before continuing on our sightseeing in the city at the Central Market- Marche Centrale----

Aziz, our guide, took the photo of the two of us while Mustafa brought the car around to take us on the next leg of the journey... but before that we make a tour of the corniche... and see some of the damage the weather has wrought this winter- but that is for another post... already this one is quite memory intensive with so many photos of the incredible details of the tile work and marble and other materials in the mosque and the baths below it. So more later - of course!

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