Tuesday, June 3, 2014

a long long long way

OK so not - the day is divided into relaxing and more relaxing and a little bit of sightseeing- LOL

the five folks returned from their balloon adventure  bubbling with excitement about seeing the alps and how much fun they had- even though the basket had taken a tumble upon landing due to the breeze.  that very same breeze allowed them to have quite a long ride within the specified time and they came home triumphant.

we were almost immediately off to Dijon - the governmental capital of the "department" - famous for mustard and spice cakes... we do a brief city tour with Anna and then off on our own.

the self guided tour of the city features the lucky owl from the side of the cathedral-

after we leave Anna, Phil checks a pharmacy for cough drops and then we stop for hot chocolate at this old time chocolatier and coffee shop right in the heart of town - overlooking the carousel-

oh - the also have macarons and ice cream!

Then Phil and I decide on a market tour just to torture ourselves about what we are missing back home- the cheeses, the pates, the charcuterie!

above and below - the asian influence - vietnamese spring rolls - ready to go!

but tradition still reigns in the rillettes!

we head out of town - by now the day is sunny with blue skies above-

a bakery displays the spice cake of the region in various shapes and sizes - and more macarons!

anyway- we were back on board the boat by lunch time and had another wonderful Cyrille prepared buffet of salads, a quiche and this day - shrimp brochettes... YUM!

some photos-

Cyrille describes the lunch and then Teresa the cheese course-

above the cheeses and below the wines for lunch-

we head down canal towards the Saone River- we will dock right at the place where the canal meets the river tonight- and celebrate a birthday of one of our passengers - Joe from Kansas (as opposed to Santa Barbara Joe).  we whiled away the afternoon reading on deck and watching the scenery...

Teresa and Marie did amazing napkin folding/ napkin art at every meal!

tonight's meal - and wines

our lovely view from the docking space- night lights-

so if you thought our day was short yesterday- LOL- here is the recap of today's distance- 9.7 miles!

tomorrow no locks- no biking- we are on the Saone River heading to Chalon sur Saone - a lovely town which also happens to be where Anna lives.... so stay tuned for more fab food and fun times...

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