Tuesday, June 3, 2014

all the way to Wednesday

We start Wednesday with our usual breakfast of local pastries and relax while barging much more quickly than the prior two days (which totaled 20 miles) because we are on the River Saone... if we kept going more than the day we are scheduled (with the destination of Chalon sur Saone) we would go to Lyon where we would meet up with the Rhone... but more on that later-

during the morning we are invited to see Cyrille's galley (kitchen) which is much larger on the Adrienne than it was on the Esprit.

today's route along the river- as the crow flies it is 34 miles-

our lunch is again fabulous- with salads, "quiche" and a main that today is little birds!

Cyrille explains lunch

the wines and the cheeses and Marie gives the cheese talk today-

today after lunch, we arrive at the river frontage of the town Chalon sur Saone

we find Anna arriving with our little bus and the grocer delivering for Cyrille-

We leave the boat and go for another winery tour... this time in Rully to a small family winery in a "lesser" area of Burgundy.

The flowers in the yard of the family home are lovely-

After the tasting we head to town for a brief tour and chocolate tasting at a fabulous chocolate shop.  then we meet Anna and Aurelien for a drink before heading back to the barge for dinner.

the chocolate tasting was incredible! maybe the best chocolate ever- and the man who owns the shop was quite enthusiastic to share with us!

The main square of town where we stopped for wine with Anna and Aurelien-

back on the boat they have been having an accordion concert to celebrate Kansas Joe's birthday - and then we have dinner-

so another day of complete and utter luxury and relaxation - but wait there is still more to come- full days on Thursday and Friday including a dinner out (Cyrille gets to eat and not be the chef that night) at a Michelin three star restaurant- some of the most beautiful scenery on the trip along a new canal - and our farewell dinner on board--- lots more fun and celebrations!

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