Wednesday, June 4, 2014

an excellent morning

of great beauty, along the new canal that we have entered today- we will have an afternoon and evening out so the morning is spent on the boat - enjoying the locks and towpaths and scenery again... but this time the locks are quite varied- some really high ones and some "standard" size...

when they are really tall or high the place you tie up to moves up and down with the water level so you don't have to have really long lines hanging around the deck-

you can see how still the water is- a boat along the canal side just waiting for someone with a camera to come along!

in one place there was a restaurant over the canal (apparently a part of a grocery store we could not see from our canal level vantage point)

along the way- some guinea hens- beautiful feathers but less than lovely faces-


here's an opportunity to vote for which one you like best- the empty bridge or the one with the car to give a show of perspective?

Ah! a Frenchman out bicycling - oh wait- no, it's Jack from our group, looking dashing in his beret (earned on the balloon ride)

CB up ahead on the gates waiting to photograph the Adrienne as Stephane maneuvers the barge into the lock-

now CBGB await us-

and pose for photos-


a serious CB checking the results on his camera/phone - who knows???

in this lock the cottage is a wee bit down the canal-

you know dogs- they want a drink of water they get into the "bowl"-

a fixer-upper...

and by now it is lunch time- with a fabulous treat of pastry wrapped veggies instead of a standard quiche today...

and the mains are smoked salmon and jambon et persil (ham and parsley pate - a local specialty that we will see in the shops this afternoon)

and don't forget the cheeses- and the wines

this afternoon we are off to Beaune the wine capital of Burgundy... and the world famous Hospices de Beaune- which at least for now has a photo on the top of the blog- a 14th century civic building that served the poor as they were dying.... and did so until 1971!

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