Saturday, June 28, 2014

I could cry...

but what would be the point? I am not the only one who has lost this way- everyone knows the winter was devastating- but this is my yard exactly 51 weeks ago

and this is what it looks like today-

My poor bamboo, my poor witch hazel bushes - the ivy in the front yard is MIA - especially on the west side of the porch... this is so incredibly sad- it took ten years of growth for the bamboo to be that lush hedge wall of green- lost in four months of devastating weather... 

the landscapers are due next week to plant some new things in that bed- I will miss the bamboo but I don't have ten years to wait for it's full return- the one side of the bed has a few scattered shoots but the other is barren- really so so sad... will update this post with a new photo, after the bed is re landscaped.

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