Sunday, June 8, 2014

only lyon

we arrived by just after 10 am- we did not expect our room at the Hotel Carlton to be ready yet (and it wasn't) so we went for a walk.  The day is absolutely stunning! A bright blue sky with a few wisps of white clouds and sunshine make for a fabulous photo day.

since we knew our room wouldn't be ready until later in the afternoon we headed to lunch at Trois Domes - a very high end place on the top of the Sofitel on the Ile...

we had the spring menu-

the views were magnificent!

and the food was the equal of the views- possibly exceeding them!

the pike quenelle course below was the single best course of the three days we were in Lyon and having fabulous food pretty much everywhere we went!

the space was gorgeous-

we headed back to the hotel to check in-

above- our room's center window- and below the elevator and stained glass at the Hotel Carlton-

the view from our windows to the plaza below-

later we headed to dinner at a small place on a small square of a park- a bouchon lyonnais- called Sathonay-

back to the hotel- and as we head down the hall to the room, I step out for a few evening shots-

a long day but a wonderful introduction to the lovely city- ONLY LYON... as the tourism slogan goes!

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