Sunday, June 8, 2014

our last day on the Adrienne

we enjoy a leisurely day- on the canals in the morning - with biking and walking - and I spend some time up on top with Stephane piloting the barge through a couple of locks- but even more scary - under some bridges!


Today's cruise four locks but many bridges!

this gives you the sense of how LONG our Adrienne is- as she goes under a low bridge (everybody down!)

even with ducking- my back scraped under one of the bridges - Stephane's job is not easy - and he must be ever vigilant - especially in the locks-

occasionally on this canal we have traffic in the other direction- some are more bold than others in the passing by -


the next sequence shows the Adrienne entering the lock -


here is the whole sequence in one -

some little friends along the way-

but all the work is over for the morning - and we are called to lunch- (sniff! sob! our last lunch on board)

Teresa busy as ever with napkin folding- this might be the best one yet!

I think they think we are growing tired of cheese because we only have one today - or maybe they are trying to get us back to something that is half way to normal eating before they push us off the boat tomorrow and back to our pre- Adrienne lifestyles - LOL - of course we foil them because Phil and I are off to the food capital of France - the city of Lyon!

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