Sunday, June 8, 2014

three stars from Michelin

so we all spiffed up (to varying degrees) and headed out for our dinner at Lameloise a three star Michelin restaurant in Chagny-

we had a private room and exemplary service - I make this point before I start on the star of the evening- the food from chef Eric.... Cyrille joined the group, making us an even dozen at dinner.

we both started with the lobster - then I had the veal and Phil had the lamb - he had the chocolate and I had the souffle--- lots of extras including many magnificent tastes!

starter bites!

the lobster course-

and intermezzo-

the veal-

the lamb-

my cheese course- Phil chose three others-

my souffle- came in various parts-

what was under the bell - staying warm until the chocolate round was placed upon it to melt perfectly-

Phil's chocolate dessert-

additional treats-

the outside view as we left - beyond well sated and headed back to our home away from home on the Adrienne.

a lovely evening- with the only down note being that it signals the upcoming last day of our fabulous trip - but it is a great last day - full of fun and surprises and lots of laughs- so stay tuned-

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