Wednesday, August 20, 2014

a trip to 1962...

we are leaving town soon for the maritime provinces of Canada but before we do there are details to attend to- and for sure we don't want to leave food in the frig to spoil (perfect excuse for dinner out) So we headed to dinner at Chinese favorite Orange Garden still the exact same decor as 1962 or at the very least 1972...

the could sell this clock for lots of money- it is such a period piece!

and while their sign is missing quite a bit of neon tonight the facade still hearkens back to simpler times- LOL

I know someday we will head out for a last minute meal and find it gone but while it's still around to appreciate I want to mention it- and the thing is - the food is actually decent it isn't just all atmosphere- nothing new - not even remotely so- just good old-fashioned Chinese like we had in high!

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