Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Sensational SENZA!

OK remember last time we went to Senza I only had the printed menu from our fabulous meal there- no photos- and how much I loved the food- here is the very brief blurb from that post-

The following evening (July 18th) we went to Senza for dinner on the recommendation of Alexa (from 42 Grams) - and had a knock your socks off meal that I have no photos of (phone in parking garage blocks away- WAH!) but since we will definitely be back I promise photos the next time.  

This time I was better prepared for the evening of fabulous food and good company and remembered to bring my phone/camera...

We met friends who had not been here before. Our friend Mary said every course was better than the previous course... and I think she was right! Here is the menu from tonight- again we did not do the pairings- and brought our own wines.

the wines we brought were two DDO wines -

we started with the oyster- appropriately briny with a citrus note to the presentation-

the second course was melt in your mouth Wagyu beef - with crispy puffed beef tendon and caviar- oh yum!

but as Mary said - it just got better- amazing beet dish which I remembered from the last menu - with rosewater and burrata... I have never been so happy that Phil always gives me his beet course to have a second helping of in my life! LOL-

next up chilled sweet corn soup with crab and lemongrass- the ingredients came and then the soup was added at the table - hence the sequence of photos-

and we declared that one the best so far- LOL - but up next we had sturgeon with the brulee of lardo at the table- another sequence-

then the loup de mer- with consomme and oil droplets added in front of us...

compressed tomato with yuzu, melon, and sesame-

the pork rib- with yummy sides flavors - especially the meringue

the peking duck breast with foie gras and cherries - and yes this was the best course yet---LOL

a cheese course- of raclette with a jelly stuffed eclair

then on to some dessert with the Almond cake and various other almond based goodies- mine didn't have the waffles (allergy to coconut) so there are two versions in the photos-

a few photos of the room (and the ladies room decor where the elf will hold your purse for you) to round out the photos

Cara and Noah couldn't be nicer and the entire wait staff is relaxed and friendly - we remembered Tori from the last time but everyone who came to the table in the team service was first rate-

the conversation at the table was interrupted every few minutes with the yum/ooh/ahh/wow/mmm/lip-smacking sounds of contented eaters! LOL and just as Mary was commenting that the meal was missing chocolate these truffles miraculously appeared to end the perfect meal! LOL

We were so happy to get back just a little over four weeks later for another FABULOUS meal!  Sensational SENZA is a perfect title for this post because not only was it so- the thing we commented at both meals was that the food here is so flavorful- it really is a taste treat...

So we promised to return at least one more time before we head south and although the schedule is already quite full we will definitely make room for another evening here! Thanks Noah and Cara!

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