Saturday, September 27, 2014

Another round of SENZAtions

So last night we went with our out of town friends to Senza... we did not get a menu to document the courses so I took the one from online- which wasn't 100% accurate for what we ate but the one course I know we didn't have is in blue below and that was substituted by a Scottish Salmon that was fabulous-anyway- here is the online menu and then the photos of our meal-

Rappahannock Oyster-virginia ham mignonette, finger lime, borage leaf, hot sauce

Charred Hamachi- puffed beef tendon, togarashi, yuzu kosho, oxalis

Beets a la Eichem- buratta, blueberry, rose water, ras el hanout

Parsnip and Vanilla Bean Soup- lobster, pear, sarsaparilla, orange

Snake River Sturgeon- torched lardo, apricot, harissa, fermented ramp

Poached Loup de Mer- crispy skin, artichoke, smoked roe, shisito consomme

Berkshire Pork Rib- coriander meringue, szechuan pepper, celery, anise hyssop

Japanese A5 Wagyu- caviar bearnaise, chanterelle, nasturtium

Spiced Gianduja Cremeux- pandan leaf, tamarind, cardamom, coconut

Lavender Creme Brulee

Here is the note from their website about the menu: "We offer one menu of 9 - 12 courses. the menu is constantly changing based on what our local purveyors, farmers and foragers are able to offer us each day. while we do our very best keep the menu up to date, please note that your dinner may be different than the menu below."

the centerpiece - still leaves room on the table for wine and wineglasses etc...

the meal begins with the oyster-

then off to the races with numerous fish courses - including tuna, salmon, sturgeon and loup de mer

love love love this beet course-

I missed a course in here I think- because we did have a salmon course but the fish I have photos of clearly are the hamachi, the sturgeon and the loup de mer...

then on to the heartier proteins- duck with foie gras, pork rib, and wagyu beef

the beef tendon (tasted like popcorn LOL)

the wagyu with and without the caviar bearnaise-

dessert- mine was yuzu sorbet in place of the coconut part  (which I have photographed below from my friends bowl)

the ending a lavender brulee-

a wonderful meal - my personal favorite course was the duck with the foie gras in the "red" proteins and the salmon in the "white proteins"... we also demolished two plates full of gluten free bread that is charred for a hint of smokiness... and very yummy!

tonight off to Kiki's for old time French bistro food- which will be nice after such an esoteric meal as Senza- which is "senzational" but not appropriate for a "steady diet"....

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