Sunday, September 21, 2014

Death Tax

Today we saw the Lookingglass Theater production of Death Tax... an enjoyable afternoon for contemplating the issue surrounding the American way of dying in today's political environment. Here is a brief overview of the story line- a run down of the cast and then my thoughts on the play.

so- lots going on here- the play is quite intricate and the black comedy/drama/life issues work on a lot of levels... things are not exactly as they seem and I will not spoil the ending but let me say- things are certainly not predictable! I would give this a thumbs up for the intelligent scripting. The cast was excellent (as usual) and staging was all it needed to be- sparse but evocative of the settings.  The action and ultimate outcome are about the intersection of family dynamics and money - and boy, you sure could spend a couple of lifetimes exploring that! So I would give it a thumbs up overall.

The play was presented in one act of multiple scenes with no intermission - which I love when it can be accomplished (intermissions are just a waste of my time in my opinion.) And speaking of wasting time- I have noticed a trend (and experienced it again today) of theaters not beginning their productions ON TIME... I find this annoying and not respectful of the audience's time. I manage to be there on time and in my seat before the appointed hour, I think the least they can do is start on time.   Today the tickets gave the time of the play as 3 PM ... 3:05 rolled around and then 3:07 and then 3:09 and finally at 3:10 they dimmed the lights... should we all start arriving ten minutes late? If they don't want that then perhaps they should set the example of promptness... I remarked about this at the theater three times in the last week alone and also at the last production we went to of this theater (Cascobel) - so while it is not just them - although I did notice that the show at the Old Town School on Saturday started at 8 PM on the dot and I give them credit for that! Sadly - they seem to be becoming the exception rather than the rule.... and yes #crankyoldwoman is a good hash tag for me on this subject....

next up for reporting back to you - fall menu at 42 grams! coming Wednesday... then Senza on Friday night... and company for the weekend- guest room sheets changed and ready! 

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